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Scottish politics from a female, LibDem perspective

What have they done?

“There is no reason to pretend that this is a happy day.” The word’s of Donald Tusk on receiving Theresa May’s letter triggering Article 50 may come to have the … Continue reading

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A European journey

As I waved my daughter off for France on the first leg of her month long inter-railing tour of continental Europe I was overcome by thoughts of another mother and … Continue reading

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When everyone wants a solution, but no-one knows how

It seems like the simplest of tasks to complete a multi million pound development. Just One kilometre of piping needs connected to the water supply, which already reaches the neighbouring … Continue reading

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Could privatisation deliver a bright future?

It’s an easy totem to be nostalgic about. After all, privatising Royal Mail would surely mean redundancy for Postman Pat, to say nothing of his beloved cat. And to be … Continue reading

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Nicola Strugeon should seize the day

First published in Scotsman on 12/09/2012    I DON’T agree with Nicola Sturgeon on independence, but her new role could inspire a generation of women, writes Christine Jardine   It’s almost … Continue reading

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Referendum drowing out other issues

Published on 27/03/2013 00:00 in the Scotsman   I WAITED patiently this weekend to hear what our government at Holyrood has planned for us over the next three years.   Traditionally, … Continue reading

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Comfort TV keeps us sane in

First Published in Scotsman Nov 15, 2012 Published on 15/11/2012 10:15   Bring on the economic recession, climate change, political uncertainty and social unrest, for old friends offer us a safe … Continue reading

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A case for corroboration

There have been times this week when it’s been difficult to concentrate on domestic politics. All eyes, it seemed, were focused on the prize on offer across the Atlantic. Obama … Continue reading

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Federalism: an idea whose time has come?

There’s a palpable excitement about politics in Scotland just now. Clichés are being bandied around about standing on the threshold of change. That we could be witnessing the beginning of … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hello and welcome to the world as seen through the eyes of Christine Jardine. Hopefully you’ll find it reasonable, intelligent and occasionally entertaining. Although I’ll be writing a fair bit … Continue reading

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